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Plan your trip to coincide with one of the many events held in the area (folklore, Italian cuisine, religious processions). Click on the month you’re interested in below:

















Sant' Antonio Abate - 17/01
Allumiere - Barbarano Romano - Bracciano - Canino - Cellere - Cerveteri - Monte Romano - Oriolo Romano- Tolfa - Tuscania - Vejano
Benediction of animals, bonfires and the chance to taste local food and wine. Horse races and fireworks (Allumiere, Bracciano & Tuscania). "Giostra del Saracino" at Monte Romano.


processione storico


il Buffone


Allumiere - Anguillara Sabaudia - Bassano Romano - Bracciano - Montalto di Castro - Oriolo Romano - Tarquinia - Tolfa - Vejano
Carnival floats around town, dancing and typical games and sweets.



La Giostra - 19/03
Mining festival. Horse racing and gymkhana.



Christ’s Passion - 10/04
The main scenes from the life of Christ re-enacted in the marvellous setting of Bracciano: from his baptism in the River Jordan by St. John the Baptist to his trial in front of Pontius Pilate and the people’s choice between him and Barabbas, a large procession with Jesus bearing his cross and centurions on horse-back and the final dramatic scene of the crucifixion at the Orsini Odescalchi Castle.

Procession of the Risen Christ - 12/04
This event has pagan roots, a demonstration of force and ability. A wooden figure of the Risen Christ (1831 by Tenerani/Bartolomeo Canini, Canova School) leaves the church of San Giuseppe and is carried at a trot by 16 strong young men through the streets of Tarquinia. Before this, however, a series of "penitents" bear large heavy oak crosses decorated with flowers, while local hunters shoot in the air, symbolizing the passage of the Saviour. Local legend has it that the wooden statue was carved by a prisoner who then became blind upon completion of the work.

Festa della Merca - 17-19/04
The 41st edition of the traditional branding of the local cattle at "La Roccaccia", a wooded area near Tarquinia run by the local farming university. Italian cowboys, gymkhanas, rodeos. Local produce and wine-tasting.

Green Asparagus Fair - 23-26/04
Famous for its tangy olive oil, Canino also produces an early green asparagus, known as “mangiatutto” on account of the fact that there is no waste (i,e, no stringy stalks). The producers exploit the hot thermal waters to bring this product early to market.
Various events are organised during the fair, including “The World’s Largest Omelette”: 2,500 eggs, asparagus in a pan measuring 2 metres in diameter, the inauguration of the local Etruscan museum (with conference). Chances to taste asparagus-based dishes in the local restaurants and cellars in the old part of town.

Vicini Ursini de castro polimartij - 23-25/04
Re-enactment in Renaissance costume in the town of Bomarzo celebrating the Palio di S. Anselmo (first horse-race dates back to 1544, the year that saw the wedding between Vicino Orsini and Giulia Farnese, members of two important local families).
The local brass band and flag throwers. The famous "Biscotto di S. Anselmo" biscuits of Bomarzo are handed out. The parade ends with an ox-drawn triumphal cart.

Feast-day of Santa Fermina: - 28/04
Festivals in honour of the patron city, St.Fermina. The story goes that while the saint was sailing from Ostia to Civitavecchia, there was a terrible storm that threatened to sink the boat. Fermina ordered the waves to become calm and indeed this happened. On landing at Civitavecchia, the saint took refuge in a grotto where Forte Michelangelo now stands. She became a martyr in 306. The patron saint of sailors and the city, her statue is taken in procession along the streets and then out onto the open sea to bless the waters.
Stands and games, various tournaments. 



San Pellegrino in Fiore - 01/05
Flowers deck the picturesque mediaeval quarter of San Pellegrino (Viterbo).

Branding Fair - 01/05
Monte Romano
"Festa della Merca": cattle branding, rodeo and gymkhana. The local Italian cowboys ("butteri") in action. Food and wine. In the evening: a chance to taste the famous "Mentucciata" - potatoes, tomatoes and wild mint on the special durum wheat bread of Monte Romano - followed by a great BBQ. Fireworks. (1/5)

Giostra delle Contrade - 9-10/05
Italian pageantry at its best: historical processions in mediaeval costume, mediaeval jousting on the Saturday between the five town quarters, including attempts to thread a lance through a ring, flag throwing displays, music and a mediaeval supper in costume.
The pageant recalls the final rout from Tarquinia of the Moors (Saracens) who plagued the coast until the 10th Century.

Festa delle Rose - 16-17/05
Castel Giuliano (Bracciano)
8th edition of the Rose Festival in the secret garden of Palazzo Patrizi, with the top nurseries in Italy presenting their roses, plus irises, clematis, sages, citrus trees and bulbs. Open from 10 am to 7 pm, tickets cost 7 Euro (including a tour of the rose and clematis collections in the castle grounds).
Info (including visits at other times of the year): tel. +39.06/99802530

Nitriti di Primavera - 22-24/05
Horse fair and show in 24 hectares just outside Tuscania. 600 odd horses of all races in Italy and 30,000 visitors each year. www.nitritidiprimavera.it 



Corpus Domini
Bracciano - Cellere
Religious festival. The locals arrange flowers in patterns down the middle of the town centre streets.



Sagra della Lumaca
Snail festival (to eat, of course).



Festa dell’Assedio - ultimo fine settimana del mese
In 1501, Cesare Borgia acting on behalf of the Roman Church ousted several local despots from Papal territories. Bracciano was one such town, having been laid to siege by Borgia and his troops. some four hundred strong. Each year the siege is re-enacted during the Festa dell'Assedio: the town is split into two factions (Orsini and Borgia), with horse races and a historical regatta on the lake. 

Giostra degli Sponsali - 1-3/08
Re-enactment of a historical tournament commemorating the wedding of two important characters in 1451: procession with courtiers and horses, ending with a mediaeval banquet at Santa Maria in Castello

Maremmana Veal Festival - late August
"Sagra della carne maremmana". Monte Romano is one of the few places where you can really enjoy this succulent Maremma veal. Stands, fun and music ...and the butteri (cowboys), of course.


Trasporto della “Macchina di Santa Rosa - 03/09
A fabulous procession called the “Macchina di Santa Rosa”: a towering baldachin, 30 meters high and weighing 5 tons carried in procession by 80 porters through the narrow streets of this Mediaeval city. A unique sight repeated every year over the centuries (records go back to 1654). The tower represents the translation of the saint's body from the church of Santa Maria del Poggio to its present resting place, the church of San Damiano. 

Cellere Tra Natura e Tradizione - first weekend in September
A long weekend of activities in the town centre, the Timone valley and the quaint old "borgo" of Pianiano celebrating the local nature and traditions. Cellere town centre: exhibitions along the streets, music, conferences, attempt at the Guinness Book of Records. Pianiano: mediaeval supper with an "Olde-worlde" menu, torch-light and candles. Valle del Timone: Typical local produce and organic food from the Maremma and Tuscia areas, demonstrations by the Italian Red Cross, Maremma food competition between Tuscany and Latium, Palio (horse racing) and procession in historical costume culminating in a supper under the stars.



Festa del Fungo - 13/10
Anguillara Sabbazia
A mushroom festival, followed by the ”Caccia alla Volpe Simulata”€ (simulated fox hunt). 



Pane e Olio - 22/11
Italian olive oil and bread festival, held during the main month for olive picking. Your chance to taste (and buy) the exceptional Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva di Canino DOP.



Sagra dell'olivo - 8/12
Olive oil festival. Canino is famous for its tangy extra-virgin olive oil. Bruschetta, the chance to buy some oil, various events and guided visits to the local oil presses. Fireworks on the 8th of December. Plus a historical parade in historic costume, celebrating the arrival of Napoleon’s brother, Luciano Bonaparte, in 1808.




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